Name Yuki
Gender Female
Age 23
Family Hosuke (Grandfather)
Hometown X-Zone
Bike She rides a unknown bike in the 2nd

st episode.

Debut appearance Episode 3
Seiyuu Risa Mizuno(Japanese); Michelle Ruff(English)


Miss Yuki is a mechanic who is one of the protagonists of the anime. She is actually a princess from a very respected family. She is an expert mechanic and helps Sho and co. on various occasions. Arthur and Yuki have helped protect the secrets of the X-Zone. She has been wanting to be a mechanic from her childhood.


Miss Yuki has long pink hair with purple eyes. She usually wears a white cap and a full sleeved purple t-shirt underneath. She wears middle purple pink jeans with a tear on the left leg with white and purple sneakers.


Miss Yuki is friendly, helpful and wise. She has rescued Sho and his friends from dangerous situations many times, and guides them on their quests. She knows a lot about MTBs and and X-zone. She continuosly researches many topics and facts, and is committed to her goals.