• Kyouichi Shido riding his bike
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Thunder Emperor is one of the six legendary Idaten Bikes. It is Kyoichi Shido's MTB. It is surrounded by bolts of lightning while using its special move. It is the 2nd Idaten bike after Flame Kaiser. Thunder Emperor is a trial course champion. It is agile and balanced, that is why when using it the rider can climb up and race on very narrow tracks and objects.Its special move name is Kyoichi Shido special. In this move he has the ability to ride on a thin wire with the help of pedals. He had used this move during the Idaten tournament against Sho Yamto.


Emblem (gold)


Wheel Base 0.9
Weight 10 kg
Top Speed 105 km/h
Mobility 9
Durability 10
Traction 8
Acceleration 8
General Purpose 8