Terry the Megaton appears in an episode of Idaten Jump. He is the leader of Team Bandit, a team of bandits living in the wilderness of X-Zone who robbed the bikes , emblems and bike parts of people who came into their area with the help of traps. He also robbed Sho and friends, but was later defeated by Sho in an Idaten battle and promised to leave the work of robbery.

Personality Edit

Terry the Megaton is a jolly and somewhat hyper bandit. He appears to be a bit strange, and probably is, which adds to his funny personality. He is usually lazy and makes his bandits do any work, but gets very excited and energetic when he wants anything. He does not appear to be like a dangerous person, although he robs things. He easily sees the good in a person and appreciates it, and is quite accepting when he becomes friends with anyone.