Team ST

Team Shark Tooth (Team ST) is an MTB team present both in the real world and the X-Zone. Gabu Samejima is the leader of this team. His brother, Taiga Samejima was fired from his place as second-in-command, but regained his post when they returned to their world.

Members of Team ST Edit

  • Gabu Samejima (head)
  • Taiga Samejima (second-in-command)
  • The Four Kings
  • Yoko and Rika
  • Mr Teacher
  • Shadow
  • Koei (removed from post)
  • Captain Jackal
  • Danny and Pete
  • Prince Ryota (withdrew)
  • Sebastian (withdrew)
  • Joe and Reiu (withdrew)
  • Jero (withdrew)

Shark Tooth

The people who were defeated by Gabu in the X-Zone had to give up their emblems and use this one.