Sho Yamato
Official sho
Name Sho Yamato
Gender Male
Age 11
Family Ayumu Yamato (younger brother)
Masumi Yamato (mother)
Takeshi Yamato (Father)
Hometown Japan
Bike Unknown MTB (former)

Flame Kaiser (former)

Imperial Tiger (current)

Debut appearance Episode 1
Seiyuu Akeno Watanabe (Japanese)
Yuri Lowenthal

 "Fire up, Flame Kaiser! Just like the burning flames in my heart, burn it up into red hot flames!"

Sho Yamato (山登翔, Yamato Shō) is the protagonist of the Idaten Jump series. He is a young boy who loves MTB riding and he owns the Idaten Bike Flame Kaiser He has taken a likeing to Makoto Shido.

Appearance Edit

He has brown hair with blonde bangs and a tan skin. He wears a red shirt with short white sleeves and yellow elbow-pads and gloves with a design on them. His shorts are grey in colour and have a white stripe running down each side. His socks are white and his sneakers are black and striped white. He has blue eyes and also wears a bandage on his right cheek. He resembles his father very much.


Sho is an easy-going, laid back person but tends to get serious while racing. He sometimes spends whole nights thinking and worrying just because he cannot figure out somebody's moves or cannot perform a specific move on his own. He cares about his family and friends and will stand up for them and back them up in times of need. He is very heady, never backs from a challenge and is almost never cautious and this has more than once put him and his friends into a sticky situation. He is somewhat judgemental and may not see a person for who he/she actually is. He has taken a liking to Makoto Shido

Idaten Jump,Idaten Miracle Jump are some of Sho's moves.


Sho in episode 1 was at home, running as fast as he could to get to the X-Zone for a battle with Gabu. Before the battle started, Taiga, Gabu's brother, said that if Sho thinks he can't handle the race just join Team Shark Tooth and he'll not be troubled though Sho declines this offer. In the middle of the race Team Shark Tooth, Sho, Makoto and Kakeru were dragged by dark fog to the X-Zone where they uncover the secrets of the Idaten Bikes and how to get home to their world.

Role in the plotEdit

Sho and his friends travel throughout the X-Zone and battle with MTB riders in order to collect emblems and open the seal door to get out from the X-Zone as soon as possible. Sho's bike Flame Kaiser is already considered to be a legend in X-Zone and he is regarded as the ancient hero who will fight the forces of darkness and bring light to the world. He later realized he had a platinum emblem which almost no person has. His main enemies in the earlier series were Gabu and his crew but later his main enemy was the X team.