Kyoichi is a trial bike champion. He is the best MTB rider. He has one idaten bike named Thunder Emperor. He had gold emblem. He has a younger sister named Makoto Shido. He cares about his sister very much. He is a serious guy. He takes everything seriously. He cares about others very much. He doesn't laugh. He smiles sometimes. We all get less chance to see him smiling as he doesn't laugh too much. He is a good brother and good person with kind heart.After Sho helped him to get out from the control of dark emblem, he thought that it was his mistake that everyone were in a serious trobule. He shared his thoughts with his younger sister. But Makoto didn't thought so. She was a little upset with Kyoichi's thoughts. She said angrily that she agree with him that it was his mistake. they cannot defeat sho's father so they should see X zone getting destroyed. people who are not serious for MTB riding should not ride bikes he said and now he should prove this . Kyoichi realised that he should now focus how to defeat Team X . He thanked makoto and said she is a great MTB rider.