Kakeru Sakamaki
Official kakeru
Name Kakeru Sakamaki
Gender Male
Age 11
Family -Unknown Mother

-Unknown Father

Hometown Japan
Affiliation Sho & Co.
Bike Flame kaiser (episode 43)
Debut appearance Episode 1
Seiyuu -

Kakeru is one of the main characters in the series. His main job in their team is to fix Sho, Makoto and Ayumu's bikes and also to change their bikes' gears whenever they are going to have an Idaten Battle.


He wears a pair of glasses and wears long green pants with a striped shirt. He carries around a pouch he wears on his waist containing tools for repairing mainly Sho, Makoto and Ayumu's Idaten bikes. He is one of the best MTB mechanic.


Kakeru has a nice and kind personality, and he knows more about MTBs. He is also a very smart person, usually being the first one to understand what's happening anywhere, anytime. He is very dedicated to his work, and likes to get the facts. He can join them together to solve many problems. Sometimes he may feel that his worth is being underestimated, but even then he doesn't stop helping others out.

Story Edit

Kakeru Sakamaki is Sho Yamato and Makoto Shido's friend and team's mechanic. When they were racing with Gabu Samejima in the man made X zone, he and his friends were transported to the real X zone. There he got to know more about MTBs and soon he became a great mechanic. When Ayumu joined the group, Kakeru knew how to tamper with the unusual bike Imperial Dragon too for him.



  • He is usually the one who keeps the MTB book given by Miss Yuki.