Imperial X is the protector of the X-Zone. It is one of the 3 Imperials - Imperial Dragon, Imperial X and Imperial Tiger. All Idaten Bikes were created by Takeshi Yamato, with the exception of Imperial X .

Imperial X existed after the battle between the demon and the original MTB rider in the X-Zone.  Imperial X is a bigger and more powerful version of Imperial Dragon. Since the energy surrounding Imperial Dragon can take the form of a dragon, Imperial X's energy takes the form of a dragon with 10 heads.
Imp x
It balances both positive energy and negative energy in the X-Zone. It was taken by Takeshi Yamato after he became possessed by the demon.

When Takeshi Yamato was using it, he could use its power to create entirely new MTB tracks in a matter of minutes and he was able to produce a jump .

The  Imperial X and Takeshi Yamato defeated Flame Kaiser and Sho and took away its platinum emblem.sho used the emblem of imperal tiger on his bike and defeated Imperial X with the combined forces of the seven Idaten bikes - Flame Kaiser (Sho Yamato) Bloody Fang (Gabu Samejima) Thunder Emperor (Kyoichi Shido) Neptune (Makoto Shido) Aero Scissors (Koei) Hammer Head (Arthur) and Imperial Dragon (Ayumu Yamato).

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