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Imperial Dragon is a bike made specially for Ayumu Yamato by his father. It is one of the 3 Imperial Bikes. The other 2 are Imperial X and Imperial Tiger.
Imperial dragon emblem

Emblem of Imperial Dragon

The user outfit colour is blue and yellow helmet as well as blue biker outfit with yellow line. The head of this bike is shaped like a dragon, as the name is Imperial dragon.

itss rider ayumu goes furious when riding it. This points out why it has such good acceleration. It's special move is its blast off power . Within a few seconds it is at its top speed without use of drive launcher.


Emblem (gold)


Wheel Base 0.9
Weight 11.6kg
Top Speed 95kmh
Mobility 8
Durability 8
Traction 5
Acceleration 10
General Purpose 6

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