Name Hosuke
Gender Male
Age 85
Family Yuki (granddaughter)
Hometown X-Zone
Affiliation Takeshi Yamato (friend)
Bike N/A
Debut appearance Episode 2
Seiyuu -

Hosuke is a talking owl in the series.

Appearance Edit

Hosuke in owl form is a light teal in colour and has a long tail, which most owls do not have.He is a talking owl.


Plot Edit

Hosuke first appears in the series as a pretty much useless and a bit troublesome owl who really likes Makoto. But he later gives a bit of advice to Sho and company. In the X-Zone arc, Hosuke recalls certain pieces of knowledge, but doesn't know where it came from. In the end, it turns out the Hosuke was actually Yamato Takeshi's friend, who later took over Takeshi's role as King.



  • He could only speak human language in the X-Zone at first, but in the last episode he could speak speak human language perfectly fine.
  • He is also revealed to be Yuki's grandfather and the King of the X-Zone.
  • Hosuke has taken the form of a owl due to the demon's curse.
  • Hosuke seems to know the ancient language of the X-Zone.