Arthur transform
Name Arthur
Gender Male
Age 21
Family unknown father

unknown mother

Hometown X-Zone
Affiliation Koei (friend)
Bike Hammer Head
Debut appearance Episode 23

 Arthur is a Knight biker and the owner of the sixth Idaten Bike, Hammer Head. He is one of the guardians of the X-Tower.

Appearance Edit

Arthur has long blonde hair, a bit ruffled up and tied into a ponytail. At first, during the Idaten Battle Tournament selections, Arthur is dressed in a painter's outfit, with dark green overalls, a full-sleeved green and white shirt and white gloves. He also covers his nose and mouth with a white cloth and wears glasses having a swivelly pattern on them. His hair is tied into a ponytail and he wears white sneakers. In episode 26, he reveals himself to be one of the knights guarding the X-Tower. He wore his knight's clothing, consisting of a white long sleeved shirt, a metal breastplate, metalic shin guards and shoes.

Plot Edit

Arthur is first seen as a part time painter and a clumsy, careless biker that made it through the preliminaries of the Idaten Battle Tournament only by luck, scraping the passing timing. But later in episode 26, Arthur, even though stalled by saving a gypsy, beat Taiga Samejima in the round. Underestimated by Gabu, this was the reason why Taiga was fired from Team Shark Tooth. In that episode, it is also revealed that he rides the sixth Idaten Bike, Hammer Head.

In the Team X arc, Arthur is sent off to patrol the areas as ordered by Yuki. In episode 41, he is later seen by Yamato Ayumu lying on the beach semi-conscious. He then challenges Yamato Sho to an Idaten battle to reach Imperial Island. Makoto also joins in the battle. After reaching Imperial Island, Arthur supports Yuki in her plan to invade Team X headquarters. He came up with a plan to rescue Makoto and Gabu from the headquarters after the plan backfired.

In the last few episodes, Arthur, along with Shido Kyoichi and Koei, helped Sho, Makoto, Ayumu and Gabu open the pathway in Takeshi's tower.



  • Even though he only acts as a painter, he is actually quite good at painting.
  • Later, he seems to develop care and an interest in Gabu (when Gabu is no longer ruling over X-Zone).