Aero Scissors
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Aero Scissors is Koei's MTB. It is one of the Idaten Bikes and has the ability to control air. It's special move is Ninjutsu Hurricane (Aeroblade Tornado in the English version.)
  • Koei is Aero Scissors' owner
  • Aero Scissors in action
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  • Aero Scissors' emblem

Aero Scissors is a very light bike; it's fast and very nimble.

Aero Scissors can ride on a very thin wire. If the wire is painted silver, it would look like as if Aero Scissors is flying.

Aero Scissors is known to be the 6th idaten bike with the rider known as Koei the ninja rider.

He also has a move in which he uses his smoke bomb and uses tiny mirrors to create his "duplicates" to confuse his opponent while racing.


Emblem (gold)


Wheel Base 0.97 m
Weight 10.5 kg
Top Speed 120 kmph
Mobility 9
Durability 8
Traction 9
Acceleration 9
General Purpose 8